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Eyelash Extensions by Luxe Nails & Lashes

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Lash extensions work well with everyday make up, and for special occasions like weddings and events. Enjoy relaxing on our comfortable treatment bed while your lash expert meticulously frames your eyes! 


Classic Lashes are perfect for clients who already have enough lashes, but want to add more length. And Classic Lashes look more natural. 
Our semi permanent eyelash extensions are luscious, long lasting lashes that can last up to 6 weeks. Individual lashes are applied to your own lashes to create a natural and full set of eyelashes. With our semi permanent eyelash extensions you can wake up every day with long, luscious lashes without ever having to apply mascara again!
Eyelash Extensions by Luxe Nails & Lashes, Fayetteville, NC 28304


The Hybrid is a mixture of classic and volume or can be up to 3 stacked extensions on each natural lash for more volume than our Classic Lash Set. Extensions are selected and custom stacked based on how many each natural lash can hold without damage.
Eyelash Extensions by Luxe Nails & Lashes, Fayetteville, NC 28304


Volume eyelash extensions are a more advanced technique. They create density and volume along the lash line due to multiple thin, light-weight lashes that are fanned out and applied to one single natural lash.
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Eyelash Extensions

Express Lashes $55 - $60 +
Classic Lashes Full Set $120 +
Classic Lashes Fill-In $30 / $60 / $90+

1st /2nd /3rd/ week

Hybrid Lashes Full Set $130 +
Hybrid Lashes Fill-in $35 / $70 / $105+

1st /2nd /3rd/ week

Volume Lashes Full Set $130 +

2D, 3D, 4D, 5D

Volume Lashes Fill-in $35 / $70 / $105+

1st /2nd /3rd/ week

Wippy Lashes $140 +
Wippy Lashes Fill-in $40 / $80 / $120+

1st /2nd /3rd/ week

Mega Lashes $150 +
Mega Lashes Fill-in $40 / $80 / $120+

1st /2nd /3rd/ week

Ombre or Color Lashes  Extra $20
Tint & Lift Lashes $70 
Brown Lami & Tint $80 

Luxe Nails & Lashes offer lash extensions, which can reduce your need for mascara, and an eye refresher treatment to rejuvenate your appearance! Contact us today!